M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

MD Anderson Cancer Center would like to thank C&H Rigging for the work recently completed for the Cord Blood Bank (CBB). C&H Rigging was outstanding from the conception .......

For over 16 years, C&H Rigging Services has been serving our community by providing the best in equipment rigging and installation. Our commitment to excellence and safety drives us to consider all details and ensures that every job we do is done right.

We understand every job is different, and each requires its own techniques and equipment. We’ve successfully installed many of today’s most advanced technology, such as:
  • CNC Machines
  • Printing Presses
  • Injection Mold Machines
  • Cutters
  • Shears
  • Power Systems (UPS)
  • Medical Equipment

As machines become more advanced and expensive, you can rely upon C&H’s experience for any situation the future brings.

With a combined tenure of over 75 years of hands-on experience, our staff of estimators, field service and operations professionals have safely completed over 3000 jobs, without lost time, accidents or general liability claims.


Our greatest asset is our people. From the first initial walk through to the final cleanup, our people make the difference.

Mike Cook
President and Co-Founder of C&H Rigging Services Inc.

Mike Cook has 30 years in the rigging trade. Mike was formally with Westheimer Rigging and Sullivan Transfer Co. Certified crane operator to 300 ton motorcrane. Safety Director for both Westheimer and Sullivan Transfer, operations manager and rigging estimator.

Drew Cook
General Manager / Estimator

Justin Perry
General Rigging Foreman

Andy McCoy
Fabrication Manager

Reba Andries
Office Manager


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