M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

MD Anderson Cancer Center would like to thank C&H Rigging for the work recently completed for the Cord Blood Bank (CBB). C&H Rigging was outstanding from the conception .......

Over the past decade, we have safely completed over 3000 jobs, without lost time, accidents or general liability claims. That’s not just a fact, it’s what defines us as a company and differentiates us from the competition. Safety incorporates all aspect of the job from moving and installation, to ensuring equipment is level and functioning optimally for the safety of your own staff.

C&H Rigging is proud of our safety record. Our professionals perform at the top of their craft and believe that safety is in the details. A safe rigging operation requires:
  1. Having the right equipment for the job.
  2. The professional experience to execute the plan.

In addition, C&H utilizes state-of-the-art controlled machinery to move your equipment, unlike some businesses that still use the old snatch and drag tilt-bed method, which is an unsafe option. If C&H Rigging is moving your equipment, we do it right or we won't do it.


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